Adams County Sheriff's Shooting Range Remediation and Sanitary Landfill Closure

Contracting Agency: Adams County Community & Economic Development, Colorado

Since 2015, Mr. Dellaport (Quantum) has managed a multidisciplinary team of engineers, geologists and industrial hygienists to assess and remediate a former firearms training facility and to assess and close a pre-Subtitle D municipal landfill on a 30-acre County property near Brighton, Colorado. The team members include Burns & McDonnell Engineers, DS Consulting and MT2. Work is being completed in close cooperation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the cleanup is implemented through the RCRA Corrective Action and the Colorado Solid Waste regulatory processes. Demolition of structures and remediation of the shooting ranges was completed in 2018. This work resulted in treatment and on-site consolidation of approximately 4,000 cubic yards of lead-impacted soil. In 2019, the landfill is planned to be capped with a composite cover that includes an evapotranspirative soil cover and an LLDPE-geomembrane cover. The geomembrane cover is designed to be solar-ready and has the capacity to accommodate a 10-acre solar energy generation facility.

Consulting Services to Meridian Metropolitan Water District, Colorado

Contracting Agency: Meridian Metropolitan Water District

Quantum provides ongoing consulting services to a major commercial water district located just south of the Denver Metropolitan area. Quantum assists Meridian with water rights, water level monitoring in the Denver Basin aquifers, design and construction of new water supply wells, well rehabilitation and relocating, and evaluation of groundwater withdrawals in neighboring districts to protect Meridian’s water rights.  We have provided the design and specifications for a pulse width modular upgrade and a new pump and motor unit for the replacement of an Arapahoe aquifer well. Our staff has been the Meridian’s hydrogeologic consultant for over 15 years.

Highway 30 Sanitary Landfill Investigation and Corrective Measures

Contracting Agency: City of Aurora, Colorado

Since 2017, Quantum has managed this site investigation to assess extents of subsurface methane gas and constituents of concern in groundwater at this closed 97-acre pre-Subtitle D municipal landfill in Aurora, Colorado. A CDPHE-approved investigation workplan is being implemented and includes installation of new soil vapor monitoring points and groundwater monitoring wells, eight quarters of soil vapor and groundwater monitoring, and preparation of investigation and corrective measures reports. The initial investigation report was completed in 2018 and provides a summary of the site conceptual model, monitoring results, and proposed additional investigations to close data gaps. Upon completion of the two-year monitoring period, Quantum will prepare a final report that will discuss proposed corrective measures for the landfill facility.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Boulder Campus

Contracting Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce, NIST

Quantum was retained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to investigate the potential causes of high groundwater throughout the vadose zone, observed to occur in areas adjacent to the north and east sides of the Building 1 Entryway and Lobby on the NIST campus in Boulder, Colorado (Project Area). Seasonally-persistent high groundwater – frequently extending to ground surface – resulted in standing water conditions and poor drainage in the Project Area.  

Adams County Brownfields Due Diligence

Contracting Agency: Tetra Tech

Quantum is currently assisting Tetra Tech, Inc. in assessing environmental impacts through an EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant of blighted properties along the Clear Creek corridor, west of Denver. The Clear Creek corridor has historically been impacted by industrial uses, including gravel pit operations, illicit dumping, pre-regulation landfilling activities, and aggregate processing plants. Twenty-two formally recognized landfills and other numerous illegal dumps are present in the target area. The corridor has become a prime area for transit-oriented development due to the presence of the Regional Transportation District’s “G” light rail line and stations. The Environmental Assessments completed from this project will assists the County with its community outreach program to provide residents and other stakeholders with valuable data that accurately characterize the environmental impacts associated with the area. Quantum serves as the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)/Phase II ESA and field team lead for this important project.

Adjudication of Denver Basin Water Rights - Buckley Air Force Base

Contracting Agency: Adams County Community & Economic Development, Colorado

Quantum provided services to Buckley AFB to adjudicate their Denver Basin Water Rights. Buckley has several pre-213 wells and dually completed wells within the Denver Basin and the groundwater rights have never been fully identified or adjudicated under the installation.  
In addition, Quantum has assisted with a dually completed well abandonment on Buckley AFB. The well was completed in more than one aquifer and needed to be abandoned correctly across the confining units. As groundwater experts and liaison to the Water Well Contractors Board of Examiners, Quantum has provided valuable assistance to the United States Air Force.

These are just a few of the numerous projects that Quantum has successfully completed.

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