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Landfill Cap Design

Adams County Sheriff's Shooting Range Remediation and Sanitary Landfill Closure

Contracting Agency: Adams County Community & Economic Development, Colorado

Since 2015, Quantum has managed a multidisciplinary team of engineers, geologists and industrial hygienists to assess and remediate a former firearms training facility and to assess and close a pre-Subtitle D municipal landfill on a 30-acre County property near Brighton, Colorado. The team members include Burns & McDonnell Engineers, DS Consulting and MT2. Work is being completed in close cooperation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the cleanup is implemented through the RCRA Corrective Action and the Colorado Solid Waste regulatory processes. Demolition of structures and remediation of the shooting ranges was completed in 2018. This work resulted in treatment and on-site consolidation of approximately 4,000 cubic yards of lead-impacted soil. In 2019, the landfill was capped with a composite cover that includes an evapotranspirative soil cover and an LLDPE-geomembrane cover. The geomembrane cover is designed to be solar-ready and has the capacity to accommodate a 10-acre solar energy generation facility.

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