At Quantum Water & Environment, we have experienced professionals that are proficient in the scientific aspects of water supplies and can communicate effectively with the legal professional. We can quickly size up complex water issues and provide creative solutions at a reasonable cost. We work with government, municipalities, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, commercial, nonprofit, and private entities.

Our Team Specializes In:


  • Water Supply Location and Analysis

  • Alluvial Well Design and Rehabilitation

  • Deep Bedrock Well Design and Rehabilitation

  • Irrigation Well Design and Rehabilitation

  • Quantification of Groundwater Availability

  • Aquifer Analysis

  • Modeling of Stream Depletion from Well Pumping

  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells

  • Mining Hydrogeology

  • Consumptive Use

  • Location of Augmentation Sources

  • Water Rights Injury Analysis

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