Understanding water rights and water supply issues requires a background in geology, hydrogeology, and hydrology while also understanding water law. The ability to decipher the complexity of existing water rights thoroughly, while coming up with creative solutions that can be communicated in understandable terms, is the cornerstone of our consulting practice.

Our Team Specializes In:


  • Technical Support for Water Rights Applications 

  • Applications for Adjudication and Augmentation Plans

  • Substitute Water Supply Plans

  • Changes of Water Rights

  • Designated Basin Permitting

  • Quantification of Lawn Irrigation Return Flows

  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery

  • Delineation and Adjudication of Nontributary Groundwater

  • Historic Consumptive Use Analysis

  • Analysis of Stream Depletion from Well Pumping

  • Gravel Pit Water Supply Demand and Analysis

  • Geologic Mapping of Formations for Aquifer Delineation

  • Expert Witness Services

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