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Fracture Trace Well Location Services

Well Location Services

Fractured Rock Well Location Services

Private residences or other types of development within Colorado’s mountains often are located in areas where fractured bedrock is exposed at the surface. If water for the residence, ranch, or business requires a well, it becomes necessary to complete a productive groundwater well in fractured bedrock.

Useable quantities of groundwater in bedrock occur in the fractures that penetrate the rock mass. Consequently, locating a productive well in fractured-rock terrane depends on identifying zones where large numbers of water-bearing fractures are present in the rock – a process requiring practical application of techniques that blend art and science, acquired and refined through long experience.

Quantum’s hydrogeologists can assist you in identifying a location(s) for drilling and installing a productive groundwater well in fractured bedrock. Quantum’s general approach to locating a well drilling site in fractured-rock terrane is based on fracture identification and analysis, and relies on aerial-photographic interpretation, supplemented with geologic and hydrogeologic information from published sources, and reported rates of groundwater production from other wells in the vicinity. Applying this approach, we have been highly successful in locating productive groundwater wells in Colorado’s mountain areas.

At the conclusion of our evaluation, we provide a brief report, and a map with coordinates specifying the recommended well location(s).

Please contact Quantum (720-524-4294) or at ( with information regarding your property, and water needs; and to request a quote for our well-location services. If requested, a Quantum professional also will visit your property to confirm the recommended well location(s) by visual inspection of the site geology and geomorphology. (Note that a site visit must be scheduled ahead of time, and requires an additional fee.)


While Quantum has experienced considerable success in locating productive wells in fractured bedrock, we cannot guarantee that water-productive fractures will be located on a particular property, or that a groundwater well drilled and installed in fractured bedrock at a particular location will produce useable quantities of groundwater.

Recent Testimonials:

"Hi Theresa - I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your excellent work. We used location #3 on your map. I spent a couple hours verifying the coordinates, walking the area and had a really good feeling about it when I left after talking with you in June. I think he said he hit water at 400' and continued to 440' for a 37gpm well! 

Thanks very much!"

Keith N

"Hi Theresa

I had Arrow drill well yesterday on lot 8. 300' 10 gpm!

Great results thank you!!!"

Mike R

"420’ 10 gpm amazing results! Thank you for you help."

Mike R

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