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Cody Dellaport

Cody Dellaport, GISP

GIS Manager

M.S. Geographic Information Systems - Johns Hopkins University

B.S. Geosciences - Southern New Hampshire University


Mr. Dellaport is responsible for thematic cartography, reference mapping, and 3D geographic animations leveraged through ESRI's ArcGIS Suite©. Mr. Dellaport is an expert in graphic design applications and specializes in using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite© to produce compelling print and electronic media that depicts topics of a highly technical and scientific nature. Through the integration of the ArcGIS Suite© and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite©, Mr. Dellaport is among the vanguard of the fusion of digital graphic design and cartography.

Mr. Dellaport’s areas of expertise include:


  • ArcGIS Suite©

  • Data analysis

  • Cartography and visualization

  • Spatial analytics

  • Web GIS

  • Geographic application development

  • Geostatistics

  • Data modeling and 3D animation

  • Geodatabase construction and maintenance

  • Remote sensing 

  • Arc Hydro - Groundwater and Subsurface Analyst

  • Data interoperability 

  • Graphic Design

  • Adobe Suite©

Training Certifications



  • GIS Colorado Collaborate (GISCO)

  • G.I.S Certification Institute (GISCI)

  • Colorado Groundwater Association

  • Rocky Mountain URISA

Professional Certifications

  • Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) #161171

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