Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman, P.G.

 Senior Project Manager

B.A. Geology - University of Northern Colorado

720-524-4294 (ext. 313)

B.S. Geosciences - University of Pennsylvania

Over 30 years of environmental consulting, public lands management, project management, construction management, and business administration experience. Extensive background of environmental project  management experience that have included portfolios of sites for major oil companies, municipalities, insurance companies, product manufacturers, agriculture sectors, and individual clients that have single site issues.   Professional experience includes a wide variety of projects involving various fields of study including; geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, river mechanics, mined-land reclamation, environmental studies, contaminant assessment in surface and groundwater, surface and groundwater remediation, risk-assessment evaluations, and water right investigations.



  • Certified Asbestos Building Inspector

  • DOT HAZMAT Training Certification



  • Professional Geologist

    • Wyoming