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Rachina Randolph

Rachina Randolph

Business Manager

B.A. Accounting and Computer Science - Iowa State University


Rachina brings over 15 years experience in accounting and job costing functions. Rachina has over 9 years of leadership training with teams ranging from 5 to 50. Rachina is an expert in numerous accounting platforms and is proficient in 7 programming languages. As Quantum’s Business Manager, she handles the administrative aspects of running the business, such as accounting and payroll. 


Ms. Randolph’s areas of expertise include:

  • Managing financials

  • Leadership

  • Human resources

  • Vendor and subcontractor administration

  • Job costing

  • Project support

  • Computer programming


  • ILP Training Program

    • Head Coach

    • Assistant Head Coach

    • Coach

  • Landmark Worldwide - Leadership Training Program


  • Better Business Bureau

  • Chambers of Commerce

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