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Logan Tromly, E.I.T.

Project Manager

B.S. Environmental Engineering, Environmental Focus - University of Colorado, Boulder


Logan Tromly is an environmental engineer-in-training with a background in mathematics. As a Project Manager, he works with clients to scope and execute environmental and water projects. He is experienced in field work and environmental sample collection of soil, air, stormwater, soil vapor, and groundwater. He is a data manager and conducts verification and analysis following the collection of field data. He has experience in computer aided design and drafting using AutoCAD©. He submits monthly water rights accounting for clients and works with them to ensure compliance with water use. He is responsible for the generation of environmental compliance monitoring reports; due diligence reports; spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans; augmentation plans; and other environmental summary reports. Logan uses his unique background to develop quality solutions for clients through a strong attention to detail and communication skills.

Highlights of Mr. Tromly’s Career Experience in Environmental Consulting Include:

  • Project Manager for post-closure monitoring, confirmation sampling, and periodic reporting at a historic landfill owned by Adams County.

  • Routine monitoring and reporting of groundwater and landfill-gas conditions at a historic landfill near Aurora, Colorado.

  • Routine stormwater sample collection and compliance reporting.

  • Project Manager for the writing of Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) at facilities operated by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and on-site SPCC training with CDOT personnel.

  • Routine water-level measurements and water-quality sample collection from high-capacity water production wells on behalf of water purveyors.


  • Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals

  • American Water Resources Association


  • Certified Asbestos Building Inspector

  • Engineer-In-Training Licensure in State of Colorado


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