John Anthony, R.G., C.E.G., C.P.H.

Senior Consultant

Mr. Anthony is a consulting earth scientist and hydrogeologist with more than 28 years of experience successfully managing water-resources evaluation, development, protection, and management projects dealing with all aspects of the interactions among water, the geologic environment, and naturally occurring and contaminant geochemistry of soils and aqueous systems. Proven ability to deliver solid results across a broad spectrum of projects by developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex water-resources, and environmental restoration and management issues on behalf of industrial, institutional and government clients. Extensive experience in all technical and administrative aspects of water-resources projects ranging in scope from well design and installation to assessment of regional impacts resulting from large scale groundwater extraction, completed in support of Environmental Impact Statements. Also proficient in all aspects of environmental restoration and response, including assessment and management of sites affected by chlorinated solvents, raw and refined petroleum, fuel oxygenates, pesticides, and metals. Author of professional publications describing innovative water-resources and environmental restoration projects. Lead author (or co-author) of numerous guidance documents dealing with assessment, remediation, and monitoring of contaminated sites. Demonstrated success in supporting clients in negotiations with regulatory agencies, and during litigation. Registered Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist in California and Oregon, and certified as a Professional Hydrologist (Ground Water) by the American Institute of Hydrology.

  • B.S. Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines,

  • M.S. Geological Engineering, Colorado
    School of Mines, 1988

  • Professional Ground Water Hydrologist


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