Quantum Water & Environment is dedicated to providing the most accurate and current project-specific geographic information through our innovative GIS capabilities. We use ESRI's ArcGIS 10.2, in addition to the Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst extensions, to visually support all facets of our services including geologic mapping, site locations, cross-sections, watershed delineations, thematic mapping, fly-through animations, data modeling and data management. Quantum Water & Environment develops and manages GIS datasets that are acquired through geospatial data-providing government agencies, field-collected data using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), or expert-driven data.

Some of Our GIS Services Include:

Geologic Cross-Sections

Both large and small scale cross-sections are constructed through Quantum Water & Environment’s expertise in subsurface geology and aquifer delineation determination. ESRI's ArcGIS is used to accurately display the geographic relationship between boreholes and the subsurface material.

Watershed Delineation

Watershed delineation is an important resource that Quantum Water & Environment has accomplished through ESRI's ArcGIS Spatial Analyst toolset. GIS-based watershed delineation has supported both water rights and engineering at Quantum Water & Environment.

Thematic Mapping

Quantum Water & Environment's thematic maps have supported varied projects and decision-making.

Cartographic Mapping

Quantum Water & Environment has the expertise and software to produce high-quality cartographic maps for wall hanging or client exhibits.

Geographic Animations

Animation brings spatial data to life! Quantum Water & Environment has the expertise to capture and transform static data to deliver a dynamic representation that can only better mimic the reality of the environment.

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