Cody Dellaport

 GIS Analyst

GIS Analyst

Mr. Dellaport is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst and graphic designer. His responsibilities include collection of field data, database maintenance,  graphics, and ArcGIS support for technical projects for both the Environmental and Water Resources divisions at Quantum Water & Environment.

Mr. Dellaport uses ESRI’s ArcGIS© ­products including (but not limited to): ArcGIS Pro©, ArcMap©, ArcCatalog ©, and ArcGIS Online©. Mr. Dellaport has prepared numerous geospatial maps and models including (but not limited to): geologic cross-section location maps, geologic map plates, watershed areas, site locations, suitability models, 3-D diagrams, block diagrams and many interpolation surfaces including cartographic aquifer-extent depictions. Mr. Dellaport has cataloged  metadata (adhering to the USGS GeMS metadata format) and has also constructed geodatabase designs for Quantum’s GIS projects.

As a graphic designer, Mr. Dellaport is highly-skilled in the use of the Adobe Suite© for creation of high-quality reports for effective visualization of graphics for print and digital medias. Mr. Dellaport uses Adobe InDesign© to create magazine-style layouts for reports that include technical writing, illustrations, graphics, figures, and animations. He is also proficient in AutoCAD®.

Mr. Dellaport’s areas of expertise include:


  • Cartography and visualization

  • Spatial Analytics

  • Web GIS

  • Geographic application development

  • Geostatistics

  • Data modeling

  • Geodatabase construction and maintenance

  • Remote sensing 

  • Digital geologic cross section illustration

  • Graphic design

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • AutoCAD©

  • Rockware© Logplot 8©

  • SketchUp© 3-D Modeling


  • B.S. Geosciences - Geospatial Technologies Concentration - Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH, (2019).

  • M.S. Geographic Information Systems - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (Spring 2021) 

  • OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER  


  • GIS Colorado Collaborate (GISCO)

  • G.I.S Certification Institute (GISCI)

  • Colorado Groundwater Association

  • Rocky Mountain URISA

  • Johns Hopkins GIS Club

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