Cody Dellaport

 GIS Analyst


Mr. Dellaport is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst and graphic designer. His responsibilities include collection of field data, database maintenance,  graphics, and ArcGIS© support for technical projects for both the Environmental and Water Resources divisions at Quantum Water & Environment (Quantum). 

Mr. Dellaport uses ESRI’s ArcGIS© ­products including: ArcGIS Pro©, ArcMap©, ArcCatalog©, and ArcGIS Online©. Mr. Dellaport has prepared numerous geospatial maps and models including (but not limited to): geologic cross-section location maps, geologic map plates, watershed delineation areas, site locations, suitability models, 3-D diagrams, block diagrams, and many interpolation surfaces, notably, cartographic aquifer-extent depictions. Mr. Dellaport has also cataloged the corresponding metadata and maintained the geodatabase schema for these GIS projects.

Mr. Dellaport is also a graphic designer. Mr. Dellaport is highly-skilled in the Adobe Suite©, which he employes in the creation of graphically-compelling reports and proposals that improve the visualization of scientific data in print and digital media. Mr. Dellaport primarily uses Adobe InDesign© to create graphical layouts for reports (similar to that of magazines) that include technical writing, maps, illustrations, graphics, figures, and animations.

Mr. Dellaport’s areas of expertise include:

  • ArcGIS Suite©

  • Graphic design

  • Data analysis

  • Cartography and visualization

  • Spatial analytics

  • Web GIS

  • Geographic application development

  • Geostatistics

  • Data modeling and 3D animation

  • Geodatabase construction and maintenance

  • Remote sensing 

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • AutoCAD©

  • Rockware Logplot 8©

  • SketchUp©

  • Prezi©


  • B.S. Geosciences - Geospatial Technologies Concentration - Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH, (2019).

  • M.S. Geographic Information Systems - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (2021) 

  • OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER  


  • GIS Colorado Collaborate (GISCO)

  • G.I.S Certification Institute (GISCI)

  • Colorado Groundwater Association

  • Rocky Mountain URISA

  • Johns Hopkins GIS Club